What we deliver


Article: What we deliver

In markets with existing railway networks and operational railway companies, general engineering and consulting services are required to further develop capacity to meet market demand. The needs span from enhancing operational efficiencies, infrastructure upgrades, training, safety, maintaining existing lines to supporting policy makers to modernise the regulatory framework for the railway sector.

Our core portfolio of General Engineering Services

  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of existing infrastructure

  • Operations consultancy

  • Skills development and training

  • Rail master planning

  • Support for development of railway related policies and

  • Safety

The African continent is in dire need of cross border transport corridors that allow for efficient intra-African trade in order to support regional economic development and integration. The market is broadly underdeveloped, lacking basic capacity to establish and grow new networks.

Our core portfolio of Corridor development

  • Development of transport corridors

  • New line development (e.g. pit-to-port)

  • Shadow operations for existing and new railway companies

  • Skills development and training

Thelo DB offers the entire value chain of rail projects