Who we are


Article: Who we are

Thelo DB brings capacity to the African Railway sector, supporting development of new railway corridors and enhancing operational efficiencies of existing networks.

Thelo DB is an incorporated partnership between Thelo Ventures (Pty) Limited and Germany’s Deutsche Bahn represented by DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH.

In Africa, delayed investment over several decades has created a massive gap in development of railway infrastructure throughout the continent. This has resulted in wide-ranging consequences, impacting on every aspect of the continent’s socio-economic well-being. A modern rail transportation network will achieve transformative and long-term benefits, from boosting intra and inter-African trade, tourism and job creation, to improving access to markets and vital resources. The future of a connected Africa requires not only substantial financial investment – an estimated $65 billion per annum – but also institutional expertise with the credibility, technical ability, global experience and market insight to deliver railway projects.

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